What Paul Scholes told Scott McTominay to learn from Christian Eriksen and Casemiro

What Paul Scholes told Scott McTominay to learn from Christian Eriksen and Casemiro

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has revealed what he expects Scott McTominay and Fred to learn from ‘clever’ Christian Eriksen and Casemiro.

Man United signed Casemiro from Real Madrid last month but the Brazilian has struggled to start a Premier League game, thanks to Scott McTominay’s solid performances.

McTominay may have impressed loads of Manchester United fans in recent games, but there remains one area of his game that effortlessly annoys Paul Scholes.

The United legend used Christian Eriksen as a proper example of a midfielder the Red Devils need at the club, thanks to his awareness upon receiving the ball.

Scholes believes a proper midfielder should be able to stay half turn upon receiving a pass from the backline in a bid to easily push the ball forward.

The former England international said Eriksen does it regularly, Casemiro does it as well but McTominay and Fred have struggled at it.

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“I don’t remember which game it was but they [Manchester United] were beaten and I was a little bit hard on Scott [McTominay] and Fred but they had their backs to goal all the time,” Scholes told Sky Sports. “When they are receiving the ball with their back to goal all the time it is the only way they can go.

“A midfielder should always receive the ball on the half turn so I can still see you and my forward. You saw Casemiro did it two weeks ago and Eriksen does it all the time.”

On midfielders receiving the ball with their back facing goal, Scholes added: “Small things like that just annoy me because I think if you are playing at Manchester United you should be capable of doing that. You should expect that, shouldn’t you?”

Speaking about Christian Eriksen, Scholes said: “”[He] is the perfect example of a player who plays with intelligence, he plays with his brain. He is just a clever player, he knows where he is on the pitch and he knows where other people are on the pitch.”