Video: Edinson Cavani hits back at Manchester United fans who taunted him after Crystal Palace loss

Video: Edinson Cavani hits back at Manchester United fans who taunted him after Crystal Palace loss

Manchester United forward Edinson Cavani failed to control himself while heading into the team’s bus after he reacted back at fans who appeared to have taunted him following United’s loss at Crystal Palace.

Man United needed to beat Palace on Sunday in the final day of the 2021/2022 season in a bid to book the last spot of the Europa League but that didn’t go as planned.

The Red Devils ended their horrible season with a 1-0 loss at Selhurst Park, after a rancid performance from Manchester United players.

It wasn’t an eyesore of a game to every concerned Man United fan, including new boss, Erik ten Hag, who watched every second of the game from the stands.

Fans were disappointed by the team’s poor effort, and made their frustration known outside Old Trafford.

Though the footage didn’t reveal the exact scene, several Man United fans concluded that the Uruguay international got taunted by a small number for fans while making his way into the team bus. A voice in the clip could be heard saying “Old sh*t!”.

Cavani appeared to have showed the fans his middle finger at the crowd while he made his way out, with some fans now commenting on Twitter that the former PSG forward’s attitude shows he is really done with Manchester United.

Some fans also criticised him for failing to tolerate the taunt, given how poor they performed against Crystal Palace and how disappointed the traveling fans were.


Edinson Cavani, who started against Crystal Palace, will leave the club at the end of the season when his contract expires.

Manchester United were still able to finish in the 6th position, thanks to Brighton and Hove Albion, who beat West Ham United 3-1 from behind.

Rangnick said after the game: “Yes, I think Brighton did us the favour to turn the game around, they were losing 1-0 at half-time and scored three goals in the second-half.

“That was the good thing about this weekend and this fixture.”