The 8 new Premier League rules for 2022/2023 season Manchester United fans should know

The 8 new Premier League for 2022/2023 season Manchester United fans should know

Premier League have announced they have made as many as eight new rules ahead of the 2022/2023 campaign.

With Manchester United set on opening their new campaign with a home game against Brighton and Hove Albion, below are the changes that could affect your viewing experience.

Multiball System:

Premier League have announced that a total of 10 balls will be used per game. One on the pitch, one with the fourth official and the remaining eight balls will be positioned in different positions around the pitch.

Hopefully, this rule would reduce time-wasting due to the ball going out of play.

Penalty rule:

The IFAB Laws of the Game have made a slight change to the goalkeeper’s positioning for a penalty kick.

Premier League set rule rules for the 2022/2023 season
Photo: Manchester United

This new amendment means that a goalkeeper MUST have a foot touching the goal line, or on the line, or behind the line, before and at the exact time the penalty kick is taken. This rule has stopped a goalkeeper from standing entirely behind or in front of the goal line when a penalty kick is about to be taken.

Offside rule change:

IFAB has made an amendment to the offside rule and explained how an offside player cannot be onside upon a defender coming in contact with the ball.

The rule states, “Deliberate play is when a player has control of the ball with the possibility of passing the ball to a team-mate, gaining possession of the ball, or clearing the ball.

“If a pass, attempt to gain possession or clearance by the player in control of the ball is inaccurate or unsuccessful, this does not negate the fact that the player deliberately played the ball.”

Mid-Season break:

In the wake of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, teams will experience a one-month break from 12/13 November until Boxing day, December 26.

No room for racism:

Unlike last season where players take the kneed before every game, the club captains have agreed to use specific moments to take the knee. However, they are expected to take the knee during the opening game week.

This gesture would commence again during the ‘No Room for Racism’ match rounds in October and March, Boxing Day fixtures and the final day of the 2022-23 season.

Match Postponements:

If a club has an insufficient number of players, club requests to the board will continue to be listened to on their facts and assessed on a case-by-case basis. Approval to postpone games will only be granted in exceptional cases.

New referees:

Premier League have appointed as many as four new referees for the 2022/2023 season.

The Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) have awarded match referee status to Tom Bramall, Nick Greenhalgh, Natalie Aspinall and Steve Meredith.

The likes of well-known referees Kevin Friend, Martin Atkinson, Mike Dean and Jon Moss will not officiate a Premier League game this season as they now have new roles.

Five substitutes:

Premier League managers are now allowed to make as many as five substitutes during a Premier League game after an agreement on this subject was reached at a summer meeting between all clubs.

All five changes can be made during three occasions in a game, with an additional opportunity at half-time. In addition, managers are allowed to name nine players on the bench, unlike last season when teams were only allowed to name seven players.

Arsenal will kick off the new season with a clash against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park on Friday night.