Luke Shaw warns England about ‘naive’ Kylian Mbappe decision ahead of France vs England quarter-final clash

Luke Shaw warns England about 'naive' Kylian Mbappe mistake ahead of France vs England quarter-final clash

Manchester United defender Luke Shaw has warned his team-mates against ‘purely’ focusing on Kylian Mbappe when England take on France in the 2022 Qatar World-Cup quarter-final.

Mbappe is arguably the best player in the ongoing World Cup in Qatar, thanks to his top form that has resulted in five goals and two assist in four matches.

The PSG forward scored twice and set up one goal as France beat Poland 3-1 in the round of 16 and as a result, he received widespread praise from football lovers across social media.

Luke Shaw admits the 24-year-old forward is a ‘world-class’ player but warned that it would be ‘naive’ of England to put their entire focus on Mbappe, when Les Bleus team has loads of quality players that can equally create the same damage as the former Monaco forward.

Speaking ahead of what many has described as England’s first true test in the World Cup, the Manchester United defender said: “Obviously after his performance (against Poland) there’s going to be even more chat about him but we know he’s [Kylian Mbappe] a world-class player,” he said.

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“I think it would be very naive of us to focus purely on him. They’re reigning world champions for a reason and we need to focus on them as a whole team.

“They have brilliant players over the whole pitch so we’re not going to fully focus on him, but it’s an amazing tie to be involved in and that’s why we’re here.”

Luke Shaw, Harry Maguire and Marcus Rashford are set on coming up against their team-mate Raphael Varane when both countries meet this weekend in the last eight stage.

Varane has been brilliant for France since starting against Denmark and will attempt to replicate his top form against the Three Lions.