Jamie Carragher taunts Cristiano Ronaldo again after Manchester United win over Arsenal

Jamie Carragher taunts Cristiano Ronaldo again after Manchester United win over Arsenal

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has trolled Cristiano Ronaldo again after Manchester United beat Arsenal.

Man United stretched their winning run to four games when they beat the Gunners 3-1 at Old Trafford on Sunday in the Premier League.

Carragher is obviously one of Ronaldo’s critics and hasn’t changed his stance on claiming Manchester United made a mistake to resign Cristiano Ronaldo last summer.

The Portuguese star went against all odds to score 18 goals in 30 Premier League matches last season and 24 goals in all competitions. Unfortunately, United missed out on a top-four finish, despite his individual performance.

Many thought that Ronaldo’s return to the club has put them years backwards and thought he played a role in United’s poor form last term while many held that without Ronaldo’s contributions, Manchester United would have been in the relegation zone.

However, Cristiano Ronaldo has made only one start in the league this season and has made five substitute appearances, hence his zero goal and assist so far.

Regardless of his quiet goals contribution, Manchester United have won their last four matches including last weekend’s 3-1 win over Arsenal and sit in the 5th position in the league.

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Manchester United 3-1 Arsenal

Jamie Carragher took to Twitter to troll those who thought without Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals contributions, United would struggle.

He tweeted: ““What will happen to #ManUtd without Ronaldo’s goals”.”

And fans reacted, with one saying: “This guy is so jealous of Ronaldo its actually sickening. Just because you didn’t have half the career he had, no need for this constant agenda, he’s a legend of the game. Can’t say the same for you.”

And another replied the user above: “It has nothing to do with jealousy, everyone outside of United told you, take Maguire and Ronaldo out and this team is way better… Maguire and Ronaldo are out… surprise surprise, the rest of the team improves.”

Cristiano Ronaldo came off the bench against Arsenal but while he didn’t score or assisted, he played a role in Marcus Rashford’s second goal and United’s third goal against the Gunners. Watch here.