Gary Neville names three players Man United can’t sign because of ‘radical’ 200k per week salary cap policy

Gary Neville names three players Man United can't sign because of 'radical' 200k per week salary cap policy

Gary Neville doesn’t fancy the idea of Manchester United introducing a salary cap of £200,000-a-week amongst their squad because that could eventually rule them out of signing big names.

Reports emerged last week that there’s a chance Man United could introduce a ‘radical policy’ at the club that would see the players earn nearly the same salary.

Erik ten Hag and Manchester United CEO Richard Arnold are hopeful that this rule would not only offer the club the chance to have more senior players earn about the same salary rather than splash a mammoth salary of 500k per week on an individual but would also help the club avoid a culture of dressing-room jealousy.

However, Neville disagrees with this radical policy, suggesting that this rule will thwart their chances of attracting top players that would obviously take the club forward and also questions the need of introducing a new policy when it’s obvious that the Glazers family are very keen on selling Manchester United.

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“Not sure why any radical new policy is being introduced IF new owners are imminent,” tweeted Neville.

“Capping wages is a radical policy. “Rules out Rice, Bellingham and others in that bracket.

“Any new owners would probably want to enter the running for these types and probably Mbappe as well. 200k won’t get you Rice or Bellingham let alone Mbappe!”