Diego Moreira hits Cristiano Ronaldo’s Everton celebration after goal vs PSG

Diego Moreira hits Cristiano Ronaldo's Everton celebration after goal vs PSG

Benfica starlet Diego Moreira did the Cristiano Ronaldo Everton celebration after he scored a decent goal against PSG U-19 in the UEFA Youth Champions League.

Ronaldo replaced injured Anthony Martial early in the first half and went on to score Manchester United’s match-winning goal just before half-time.

After he scored what was his 700th career club goal against the Toffees, the Portuguese icon ran to the corner of the pitch, closed his eyes, rested both hands on his chest while he smiled through it. Antony, who scored the equaliser joined him.

After the game, the 37-year-old confirmed that his celebration represents how he sleeps during Manchester United’s trips.


And now, a Benfica U-19 star has hit the same celebration after he scored Benfica’s second goal against PSG U-19.

The Portuguese side went on to win the tie 3-2 at away.