Bruno Fernandes reveals what a referee told him during a football match

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has revealed a referee told him during a football match that he’s a ‘pain in the a**’ when he’s losing or drawing but a ‘such a good guy’ when he’s winning.

Fernandes has been criticised a lot for moaning about during football matches but the midfielder has confirmed that he isn’t the only football in the Premier League that moans a lot.

United are obviously the most scrutinised team in the league at least and every kick of the ball is being talked about.

The Portuguese star moan a lot at the referees when he gets tackled but the referee doesn’t sound his whistle for a foul and sometimes, he moans even after the referee has sounded his whistle and that is obviously a sign of a player who wants protection at any cost.

Bruno Fernandes moan Manchester United referee

Fernandes has now stated the obvious that he isn’t the only player in the league that moans about and names Wilfried Zaha as one of the players who acts that way.

“I play for Manchester United so I know all the cameras are on our players, but everyone in the Premier League does that — Zaha is always moaning at the referee,” Fernandes told The Athletic. “It’s because he gets fouled, so it is normal he moans at the referee.

“One of the referees said to me ‘Bruno, all the time you are winning, you are such a good guy. But when you are losing or drawing, oh my god, you are a pain in my ass’. I want to be like that.”