Bruno Fernandes rejects Manchester United joining the European Super League

Bruno Fernandes rejects Manchester United joining the European Super League

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has refused rejected the idea of creating the European Super League as a substitute to Champions League.

The European Super League was announced on Sunday night by Real Madrid president Florentino Perez and the idea of creating this competition is to give fans the chances of seeing the only elite clubs and big players challenging in the competitions, unlike the UEFA Champions League where the competition is open for every club, regardless of the size or fame, that means the qualification requirements.

Upon the announcement, the likes of the to six teams in England, alongside the three best teams in La Liga, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona and three teams of Serie A, Inter Milan, AC Milan and Juventus were all described as the founding clubs of the ESL.

And UEFA has announced that the 12 teams that are part of the Super League will not be part of next season’s Champions League, Europa League or any UEFA competitions and the players involved could be banned from representing their countries.

Also, Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and FIFA have all gone against the European Super League and warned the affected clubs that they would be banned from their domestic competitions.

Since it’s creation, fans, journalists, former footballers and managers have gone against the idea and have urged the so-called Super League to be cancelled.

The frustrating part of this competition is that, regardless of the positions these 12 teams finish in their respective leagues, they are still qualified for the European Super League. With Arsenal currently occupying the 9th position in the Premier League and Spurs outside the top six, shows how unprofessional the competition is and how greedy the club owners are for choosing money over integrity of the football we once knew.

Wolves’ star Daniel Podence took to Instagram to hint that playing and winning the Champions League remains the dream of the upcoming footballers and fans of the elite clubs.

Daniel Podence said: “The Ball. The Song. The Dream.”

And the Manchester United midfielder shared the Portuguese star’s post on his Instagram story.

Bruno Fernandes is against the European Super League
Bruno Fernandes is against the European Super League

And Bruno Fernandes captioned it: “Dreams can’t be buy ❤️”

The Manchester United midfielder is the latest player, whose club is one of the founding members of the ESL, that has spoken against the idea of creating the European Super League.

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