“Bruno Fernandes is so funny” – Manchester United fan loves what Fernandes did vs Liverpool

"Bruno Fernandes is so funny" - Manchester United fan loves what Fernandes did vs Liverpool

A Manchester United fan took to Twitter to laud what Bruno Fernandes did during Monday night’s win over Liverpool at Old Trafford.

Man United took an unlikely early lead over Liverpool when Jadon Sancho scored with a nerveless effort. Early in the second half, Marcus Rashford scored United’s second goal, which became his first Premier League goal since his late winner against West Ham in January.

Manchester United had managed the game so well, prevented Liverpool from creating dangerous chances and finding themselves in goalscoring positions but things fell off a bit when Mo Salah scored late in the game from a rebound.

In a bid to keep their hopes alive, Mohamed Salah forfeited celebrating his goal for an attempt to lure Manchester United into starting the game as soon as possible but Fernandes read the situation correctly and interrupted the plan.

Bruno Fernandes Mohamed Salah Manchester United Liverpool
Fernandes tried to waste the time during Manchester United’s win over Liverpool

The Manchester United skipper was seen holding the ball with both hands in a bid to prevent Salah and Diaz from taking the ball to the centre circle for a quick restart of the game following Salah goal’s.

Fernandes requested that both Salah and Diaz let him take the ball to the centre circle for a restart but both anxious Liverpool stars weren’t having it and while Diaz kept his cool, Firmino joined Salah to strike the ball off the Portuguese’s grip.

After he lost his holding of the ball, he attempted to get back in possession of the ball but he lost the battle to Frimino and Salah. It didn’t end there. Fernandes then tried to trick the referee into believing that he was struck by Mo Salah.

After Fernandes discovered the referee wasn’t falling for his tricks, he stood up and walked towards his position. That may not have wasted the amount of time he would have wanted, but it surely put a negative wave in Liverpool’s momentum to push for the equaliser.

The game ended 2-1 in the favour of Manchester United and once again, Fernandes showed his leadership.