‘Brighton did it also’ — Thomas Frank explains how Brentford beat Manchester United

'Brighton did it also' — Thomas Frank explains how Brentford beat Manchester United

Brentford manager Thomas Frank has explained how he beat Manchester United learning from United’s loss against Brighton and Hove Albion.

Man United lost their second Premier League game after they got embarrassed 4-0 at Brentford on Saturday evening.

United had started off their season with a disappointing 2-1 defeat at Old Trafford to Brighton and Hove Albion last weekend and were hoping to recover from that against The Bees but instead, they suffered another defeat.

Erik ten Hag is improving his side to build from the back but so far, it has backfired as opponents are pressing higher up the pitch, which has forced off errors from United’s backline.

David de Gea, who had earlier let Dasilva’s strike slipped past his grasp, gave away a sloppy pass to Christian Eriksen but it was intercepted by a Brentford player, thanks to their relentless pressing, and scored from it.

The Bees forced United to make more errors at the back, which resulted to two more goals before 34 minutes of the game. And their target was Lisandro Martínez, because of his height and his little knowledge of the Premier League intensity.

Brighton also targeted the former Ajax defender and got two early goals from Pascal Gross.

Erik ten Hag had to replace the Argentine at half-time with Raphael Varane and United looked better at the back afterwards.

Thomas Frank said he knew his side would either win the ball high up the pitch when Manchester United tried to build from the back or they would have the second ball around it.

Ivan Toney also suggested the same thing after the game, claiming that they knew their high pressing would pay off against Manchester United.

Speaking after providing two assists against Manchester United, he said: “We knew the high press should affect them and it did — It is clear to see when you work hard you get results.”