Antony explains goal celebration, hails ‘very intelligent’ Man United star

Antony explains goal celebration, hails 'very intelligent' Man United star

Antony has explained how his first Manchester United came about and while he hailed Marcus Rashford as a ‘very intelligent’ player, he revealed the meaning behind his goal celebration.

Antony made his full Man United debut last weekend against Arsenal and marked it off with a first-half brilliant goal.

The former Ajax winger has explained how his team-mates created the chance for his goal and revealed that his goal celebration represents ‘tiger’.

Speaking of his goal that helped United beat the Gunners 3-1, the 22-year-old told MU: “Marcus [Rashford] passed the ball to perfection so when it came [to me], there was not much more I had to do.

“I saw the goalkeeper and the ball just came perfectly to me to place it as I did. I was very happy to just go with my instinct.

Bruno Fernandes had the ball, I think he shrugged off Gabriel Jesus, and then he touched the ball to Jadon Sancho. Sancho made the touch to Marcus and I knew he could slip the ball either way.

“And when Marcus, being a very intelligent player, realised I could make a run, I just took off. He slipped the ball and I took the chance well.

“When I saw the ball going in, and the net shaking, I express all my feelings the way I did. Yes, it gave me goosebumps for sure.”

Antony Manchester United Arsenal Marcus Rashford
Antony’s goal celebration vs Arsenal

On his celebration, he added: “It’s a friends thing [laughs]. So when I score a goal, my friends know what it is, it’s a tiger. They know and that’s how I celebrate.”

Antony has revealed that he had goosebumps upon making his debut as a Manchester United player and admitted he felt brilliant when he scored his first goal in his first game at Old Trafford.

The Brazilian also pointed out that he anticipated his debut and how dearly the Manchester United fans wanted him as part of their squad.

“To score my first goal and share this moment with the crowd, with a great atmosphere, was brilliant,” added Antony.

“From the moment I stepped on to the pitch, I already had goosebumps because I know how much I wanted to be here and I know how much the crowd wanted this.”